We Help Assignments Revision Policy

Delivering assignments and academic work on time is our top priority. We try our best to deliver the work to the clients before the deadline. However, rarely there can be some unexpected problem and order can be delivered late. If you are facing a delay in delivery, contact our customer support team to resolve the problem. There is always some authentic problem in case of late delivery, but when the reason is not genuine, we will provide a complete refund.

  • If work is delivered after your deadline and it’s not of any use to you then you can get a full refund or your store credits.
  • However, if you’re using the work provided by us even after the deadline and the teacher have deducted marks only for late submission then only a certain amount of the total amount will be refunded. Moreover, in this situation, you’ll have to show us the marks deduction report due to late submission.

We always provide premium quality work, but when it is not, then you have multiple revisions option. If you submit a revision request and changes are made as per your requirements then you won’t get any refund. Otherwise, your refund claim will be accepted if any of the following condition is being fulfilled:

  • If the work you get is 100% plagiarized. Even though we make sure to provide plagiarism free work and check it through Turnitin, but in case if you can prove plagiarism in our work with genuine proof then give us a chance for revision. But in situations when the deadline is so near that revision is not possible then we will make a complete refund.
  • The quality of the work is not up to the client’s satisfaction level. Firstly, we have a team of experienced and highly qualified tutors who work carefully as per the provided instructions, but in rare cases, if you find some errors in the work, we request our customers to go for the free revisions option until complete satisfaction. You can avail of unlimited free revisions for 4 weeks. And if you’re submitting a request for revisions then we won’t accept refund requests after that.
  • Even after revisions, if the client is not satisfied with the quality of the work then our QA department will check the work to determine the valid amount to refund. A refund request is not acceptable if the work is already submitted.
  • In the orders, where the customer is getting drafts of work since the start, it is their responsibility to check the work quality for updating with any change at that time. Refund is only done if the pointed error is not corrected and it has affected the overall work quality. However, if the errors are not being reported since the beginning and are highlighted in the end for a refund, then no refund will be provided.

Scenarios like this hardly occur. But if the client doesn’t get the completed work and the customer support team is also not available for two full working days, the client can demand a complete refund or store credits.

Sometimes, there are some technical errors possible that result in double or additional payment deductions from the customers.

  • In case, the client has been charged a double or additional amount for the work, the client should contact the customer support team immediately with proof of two receipts to get a complete refund of the additional charges.
  • In the majority of the cases, the error is with the payment company and the client will be asked to settle down the matter with the company to avoid any additional charges in the future.

If you placed an order before but want to cancel it later, then it’s possible within 24 hours only of order confirmation. If the writer has started writing your work, you’ll have to complete the order. In situations, when you cancel the order within the time limit, you can demand a complete refund. You can place an order for some other type of assignment for the same amount straightaway.

If you want to achieve an A+ and want a guarantee from us, then it is not possible. We ensure to provide you a premium quality work with accurate formatting, grammar, and sentence structure but we surely cannot provide a guarantee for a particular grade as it is fully determined by the student’s overall performance through the whole semester/term.

First of all, there is no possibility of failing an assignment that we provide due to the top-notch quality and experience of our expert writers. However, in some unexpected rare cases of failure, you can demand a refund within the next 3 weeks. The time begins from the date of your submission and if you provide us proof for your claim, we will provide a 50% advance because we pay our writers in advance and it is not feasible to get the payment back from them. Any proof or claim after the time limit for a refund will not be entertained.

In case of any refund or additional charges issue, the customer must contact the customer support team so we can proceed towards the solution immediately. The claim is only possible within 3 weeks after you have received the work. We strictly forbid our clients to take the matter to a third party such as a credit card provider, PayPal, or the legal bodies.

The refund duration refers to the time you have for a refund request. The time for a refund is 3 weeks. The refund duration starts from the day when the client’s deadline is reached to the next 3 weeks. Any refund request after the refund duration will not be approved.

Chargeback is strictly not allowed by wehelpassignments.co.uk. The clients can contact our supportive customer support team to resolve any sort of issue regarding payment. In the case of chargeback, the client will be considered deceptive on our systems. In addition to this, if we feel that anyone is taking illegally taking benefit of our services, we have the right to take legal actions against such clients.

A minimum of 48 will be required to check the order by the QAD and provide reports to accept the refund request. Clients are requested to patiently wait until the team is working on the refund procedure. After the refund request approval, the payment will be done within the next 24 hours.

  • Refunds are only possible if any of the above mentioned conditions are being fulfilled and the Quality Assurance Department approves the refund request.

Full refund=90% of the amount is refunded. 10% is deducted as a transaction cost to the payment Gateway Company as well as the service charges.