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Wehelpassignments clearly describes that none of the clients are allowed to claim any part of the work provided to them as their own. The work is given for research purposes only and we strictly prohibit the use without proper references. Moreover, we are not accountable for any copyright claims if our clients use our work for inappropriate objectives, and we have the authority to take serious actions against such customers.

Availability of our Service

  1. Our team is continuously struggling to help you every time you need it. However, we are not accountable if our service is not available due to some ungoverned reasons.
  2. We are also not accountable if someone is affected negatively by using our website or due to the inaccessibility of our service.
  3. All the information on this website completely reflects our thoughts and ideas.
  • Disclaimer Links

Some links that are linked to other sites are present on the website. We are not responsible for any information present on those websites as well as an exchange of information from those links.

  • Our Work Is Not For Commercial Use

Our work is provided only for help or for research. We strictly prohibit the use of our work by any client for wrong purposes without any reference. In such situations, we have the authority to take legal actions against customers who claim it as their own and it creates situations that affect the company’s reputation in any way.

  • Revision and Refund Policies

To provide students the maximum level of satisfaction, we offer them the service of multiple revisions. Still, after revisions, if the customer is not satisfied then we provide a money back guarantee as per the conditions of our refund policy.

For the approval of a revised essay, you’ll have a maximum of 7 days deadline.

  • Editing and Proofreading

This service aims to provide you a plagiarism free and grammatically correct paper that you sent to us. This includes corrections in punctuation, spellings, or sentence structure. This service doesn’t provide you a unique content that is different from your sent work.